• Actility, the French industry leader in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks and Enforta, the Russian telecom operator  owned by “ER Telecom Holding”  announce that they  start collaboration on deploying a LoRaWAN wireless network delivering IoT services across Russia.
  • The volume of Internet of Things market in Russia will reach by the year 2022 almost 800 bln. roubles 


The sheer size of Russia, spanning eleven time zones, presents some real challenges to national scale  telecom operators, but also creates great opportunities for LoRaWAN technology, with its long range enabling extensive coverage to be deployed with the minimum of network infrastructure.

Andrey Kuzyaev, President of  ER Telecom Holding,  comments: “Russian enterprises are currently in the stage of digital transformation that will considerably improve the efficiency of business. Internet of things is the foundation for the development of  digital economy having unlimited growth potential. As per our estimates, based on the forecasts of the leading international analytical agencies , the volume of Internet of Things market in Russia will reach by the year 2022 almost 800 bln. roubles. Taking into account all opportunities that digital economy provides, we have decided to extend our business and enter the adjoining markets and launch IoT network with the federal coverage in 60 cities jointly with our partner Actility”.

An important early focus of activity will be the oil and gas and mining industries, powerhouses of the Russian economy.  Sensors connected via LoRaWAN allow the oil flow remote monitoring through remote pipelines in remote and sometimes hostile environments .  In mining, LoRaWAN  can be used to monitor vehicles and machinery and trigger pre-emptive maintenance to prevent faults and downtime, or track workers to ensure their safety during blasting operations.

Taking advantage of the tracking capabilities of LoRaWAN,  early customers of the new network could be industrial and logistics companies that could benefit from connected logistics to increase the efficiency of  its  supply chain and operations. Special interest is shown by these companies in geolocation of the goods, especially being transported along the Trans-Siberian railroad.

 “We’re very excited to be working alongside ER Telecom, a powerful and innovative player in this huge market for industrial IoT which offers such opportunities,” comments Actility CEO Mike Mulica. “With a strong existing customer base of ER Telecom  in industry and the regions, we expect to see the applications of LoRaWAN being launched  very quickly and successfully on the network being deployed by ER Telecom. This implementation also represents a unique first for us, with our ThingPark platform deployed  fully in the territory of  Russia, delivering SaaS solutions for customers whilst keeping all the data within Russian borders to comply with Russian legislation.”

About ER Telecom Holding and Enforta

ER Telecom Holding is a national operator providing information and telecommunication services in Russia established in 2001. The Holding owns such brands as Dom.ru, Dom.ru Interzet, Dom.ru Business, WestCall and Enforta.

The company provides Quadro Play services: broadband access to Internet, digital and analogue TV as well as telephony and mobile communications. Corporate customers get access to such services as cloud exchange, WiFi Hot Spot, dedicated channels lease and cloud surveillance.

ER Telecom provides the services in 566  cities and settlements of Russia relying on its own telecom networks deployed from the ground on the basis of the unified standards using “fiber-to-home” and radio access technologies. The company is the second largest Internet provider in Russia by the number of customers and the second largest cable TV operator in Russia.

ER telecom is the laureate of many national prizes, including “Runet Prize” (2014) and “Big Data” prize (2016). As per RBC rating “Largest companies of Russia” (2015), the company has been ranked as number one for the rate of profit growth among all Russian telecom operators.

About Actility & ThingPark™

Actility is the industry leader in LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) large-scale infrastructure and the innovator behind the ThingPark IoT Solution platform. Actility’s ThingPark enables scalable LPWA networks and interoperable IoT applications and services. ThingPark Wireless is a core network management and supervision solution for LPWA connectivity designed from the beginning for carrier-grade solutions, and already deployed in over half the national LPWA network rollouts globally. ThingPark OS is a central IoT management service to connect sensors to applications with bidirectional interaction. ThingPark X is a data analytics and control framework which exposes data from connected things to applications and connects with cloud platforms, and also offers off the shelf IoT industrial applications. ThingPark Market is a B2B ecommerce platform for buyers and sellers, aggregating, distributing and connecting IoT devices and applications to the ThingPark platform. Actility is a founding member of the LoRa Alliance.

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