The French Tech community of Moscow get a guided tour of Yandex, by Arkady Volosh himself!

– The CEO & Founder of one of the largest Internet company in Europe is calling for more cooperation with La French Tech.

– With Google and Bing, Yandex is one of the 3 global search engine


Arkady Volosh and a part of his board of directors welcomed the French group, composed by active members of La French Tech Moscow (Business France, Chamber of commerce, Maison des Entrepreneurs) and 4 tech companies who get a chance to pitch their business: Generix, Rilos, Atos and HRMaps. During 1,5 hour, the group visited the awesome offices of Yandex located in a former silk factory downtown Moscow. It was a fruitful talk about Yandex business lines and technologies and for the frenchies, it was an amazing opportunity to gain visibilty to the Russia’s largest Internet company’s.

Arkady Volosh declared: “I know the French Tech.., it is good but we need to go beyond that. We need to build a European-based customer service, with parts of French technology and parts of Russian technology”.

Russia’s largest search engine, Yandex offers today a group of products and services that includes taxis, shopping, payments, music and education.

Yandex’s Russian presence is immense; it accounts for just over half of the search market and 61% of online advertising, and its sites attract over 60m visitors each month. It is also expanding its offline logistical capabilities, signing recent deals with Uber and cumulating . A second joint venture is in the works with Sberbank, which aims to transform Yandex’s price-comparison platform into a fully-fledged e-commerce business. Russia already has Europe’s largest base of internet users—some 87m people—yet penetration rates are low at 71%. Mapping software that displayed real-time traffic proved immensely popular, especially among drivers on Moscow’s highly congested roads. Other initiatives support Yandex’s vision of itself as the hub of Russia’s digital economy. A new machine learning-powered virtual assistant, Alisa, aims to conquer the Russian-language sphere, where Amazon’s Alexa does not operate and Apple’s Siri can be spotty.

French Tech companies, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you to reach Yandex.


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